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Welcome to the Equi-Trek Trail & Obstacle Challenge Association!   


The Equi-trek Trail & Obstacle Challenge Association (Equi-trek) is an organization designed to help riders form a more trusting relationship with their horses and the ability to perform obstacle challenges keeping safety and performance in mind.

Equi-trek promotes the concept of good horsemanship and encourages friendly competition between riders.  We offer a wide range of divisions which allow riders to express their individuality in their choice of skill level.  We encourage competitors to have fun while bonding with their horse. Our goal is to further the advancement of both horse and rider to the next skill level.


Equi-Trek offers two types of venues for you and your horse, click the link to find out more:

Equi-Trek Trail Challenges



  • One day judged trail riding event

  • Over natural terrain 6 to 10 miles                                       

  • Six to Ten natural challenges, with detailed score card with comments posted after each ride

  • Six divisions w/ varying degrees of difficulty

  • A Companion Division for the buddy that wants to ride but not compete

  • Ribbons & prizes for all competing divisions

  • Equi-Trek Full & Charter Members earn points towards year end awards

  • Spending the day w/ your horse and strengthening your partnership..... priceless

An Equi-Trek Trail Challenge is a one day trail riding event with a 6 to 10 mile trail route with 6 - 10 natural challenges. Judges are posted along the trail and in camp to evaluate your execution of the challenges. These scores are marked on your scorecard which will be compared to other riders in your division. You may find some locations offer 2 rides back-to-back within one weekend.  These rides are separate rides and each have their own awards ceremony per day, with new ribbons, new prizes and MORE points!

The course is designed using natural challenges and situations a Rider might encounter on a trail ride. The Rider might expect to be judged on backing their horse, going up or down an embankment, opening a gate, maneuvering through a creek, etc. For a full list of challenges that you may encounter on the trail, visit the Challenges page.  Rider/horse teams are judged strictly on how well they negotiate through a challenge with an emphasis on calmness and safety.

The Riders are divided up into seven levels of difficulty, Pro, Advanced, Novice, Senior  for adults and the Junior and Peewee Divisions for the kids, please visit the Ride Rules for clarification of Divisions.  The Companion Division is designed for those that want to see what trail competition is all about or want to accompany a friend or family member on the trail; you will be judged but not eligible for awards. All divisions ride the same trail at whatever speed they feel comfortable keeping safety a consideration. Each Rider competes against other Riders in the same division.  Ribbons awarded to the top 6 placements per division. Prizes issued based on number riders per division (see Ride Rules). Awards will be given at the end of the ride. Points accumulate and year end awards are presented for Equi-Trek TCA Members

A Typical Ride Day at an Equi-Trek Trail Challenge:

Some riders arrive the day before the event, and many come on ride day.  A typical ride day starts with check-in between 8 - 9 (this is where you sign up for your division, choose a ride out time, pay your fees and are issued your ride number), followed by a Ride Briefing at 9am (Judges are introduced, challenges and trail route is explained, followed by Q&A.  Everyone is then dismissed to go tend to their horses and get ready for ride out.  Ride out is 10am - 11am, with groups of riders leaving every 15 minutes.  You may advance down the trail at your own speed, keeping safety in mind.  You do not have to stay with the group you rode out with, although this is a great time to mosey down the trail and meet some really great people while enjoying your horse.  As you advance down the trail you will encounter 6 - 10 challenges spaced a mile or more apart as the terrain dictates.  The horse and the rider, each, will be judged on their performance, and scored accordingly:

SCORING PER CHALLENGE: 20 points total (10points total for horse & 10 points total for rider); PLUSES are given to horse, rider, or both in any score range for an exemplary attempt.


10=Excellent, 9= Very Good, 8=Good, 7=Fairly Good, 6= Satisfactory      
5=Sufficient, 4=Insufficient, 3=Fairly Poor, 2=Poor, 1=Very Poor, 0=Not Executed  


Trail routes are on the average 6 miles.  A 6-mile trail route will take the average rider at a walk/trot about 2 1/2 hours.  When you arrive back at ride camp, your horse will undergo a soundness check by trotting a figure 8 for the Soundness Judge.  You are then free to tend to your horse until the Awards Ceremony, which is usually by 2pm.  Once the awards are over, your time is yours.  At some rides, there may be other events offered for you to participate in, clinics, in camp obstacle courses, fun rides such as a night ride with glow-sticks, etc.


If there is another ride offered on Sunday, it all starts all over again the next day!



  • 6-Show Buckle Series

  • One day judged obstacle course in an arena or large open area

  • Ten judged obstacles

  • Six divisions w/ varying degrees of difficulty

  • A Exhibition Division for the rider that would like to try out the obstacles without competing

  • Ribbons & cash prizes for all competing divisions

  • Equi-Trek Full & Charter Members earn points towards the buckle series

  • Another way to help build a relationship with your horse.

The obstacle courses are in an arena setting or in a open area.  These are one day events and are designed for you to show your horses abilities in maneuvering the course and your finesse with your horse.  This is a timed event.  There are 6 shows held every other month beginning in May and ending in March.  For more information and a ride schedule, click on the ETOC button on the left or click here


We sure hope you can make the upcoming rides and we look forward to seeing you out on the trail!


Equi-Trek Trail Challenge Association

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